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May 21, 2019

Wet Chemical

The Analytical Team at Scaled Solution Ltd have developed several wet chemical approaches for effective evaluation of production chemicals in Sea Water, Produced Water & Formation Water matrices.  We commonly use these to support our external client’s needs in addition to facilitating our in-house Core Flood & Performance sections, including:


Colorimetric Phosphonate Determination applied to quantify Scale Inhibitor concentration and degree of degradation under Performance test conditions.


Phosphino-polycarboxylate (PPCA), Polyacrylate (PAA) and Polymaleic (PMA) Based Inhibitor evaluation by Solid Phase Extraction.


Concentration determination for Sulphonated Polymers including Polyvinyl Sulphonate (PVS) and Sulphonate Polyacrylate Co - Polymer Inhibitors (VS-Co) in both “real field” samples and laboratory simulations (Core Flood Testing).