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May 21, 2019

Field Review

New and mature fields are reviewed to highlight problem areas with regard to scale, corrosion, organic deposits, separation etc. This support for the operator provides:
  • Scale and corrosion ,management
  • Sampling programmes
  • Testing requirements 

We use a range of predictive techniques based on state of the art software:

  • Placement and chemical return modelling ( PlaceiT™)
  • Scale Prediction using ScaleChem™ plus other commercial software, subject to licensing and in-house spreadsheet methods based on published algorithms.
Reviewing of field information is often the necessary first stage in any major laboratory testing based or computational based study. Design of test programmes or prediction exercises must be based on realistic field conditions, and we at Scaled Solutions Ltd work closely with the client to ensure that the right questions are asked and the best data are obtained for input into a test programme or study.