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May 21, 2019

Well Modelling

Scaled Solutions Ltd offers a wide range of modelling services as part of our complete “Scale Prevention Cycle Analysis”. Modelling to examine scaling and flow assurance challenges in the oil and gas production industry, including full field reservoir modelling, near-wellbore modelling and flowline modelling.

Full Field Reservoir Modelling: This includes creating, running and interpreting full field reservoir simulations using commercial modelling suites (e.g. ECLIPSETM) to monitor reservoir fluid movement, and to examine the impact this has on scaling potentials in wells.

Near-Wellbore Modelling: Near-wellbore fluid modelling is often required to assist in creating well-by-well customized squeeze designs. This represents a particularly challenging problem when complex wells (multizones, crossflow, pressure contrast, presence of fractures etc.) are involved. At Scaled Solutions Ltd, in-house near-wellbore modelling is extensively used to determine squeeze treatment placement, match field return data and predict scale inhibitor return profiles. This is done using the Place iT near-wellbore chemical placement simulator, which was developed in-house through a succession of Joint Industry Projects, and is in widespread use in the oil industry to simulate and optimize treatment designs.

Scale Prediction Modelling: Full field reservoir fluid movement modelling can be coupled with scale prediction modelling to give a better understanding of current or future scale issues in your wells.